You maybe think you have had a second home and have never had any issues. Why do I need someone to watch my home? Here area few things I have personally found in the last 6 months.

  1. Doors and windows left unlocked or even wide open. We secured them.
  2. Alarm systems activated. We can respond within minutes, While the sheriff is 30 minutes or more away, and you could be days away.
  3. 2 Furnaces stop working. One was a defective battery in a thermostat, the other was a squirrel lodged in the fresh air intake. Damage avoided.
  4. 2 leaking boilers. Had valves replaced. No damage.
  5. Frozen sewer pipes. We had the system thawed before owners returned. No damage.
  6. Frozen water pipes. We had a licensed plumber repair the issues before owners arrived.
  7. Rodents in property. Both mice and pack rats can be very destructive. We can bait or trap them to control populations.
  8. Gas fireplace left on. We shut it off saving hundreds of dollars in propane.
  9. Empty Propane tank. We can monitor your propane levels so you never run out.
  10. Power outages. We can reset your security system, and any timers and clocks.
  11. Leaking water heater. We had it replaced before any damage occurred.

By checking on your property on a regular schedule, we can keep a small issue from becoming a disaster. We can also provide snow removal from driveways and decks, cleaning services, and other special services as requested, to keep your home always ready for your return. We are accredited, licensed, insured and bonded to provide you with a dependable, peace of mind service.