About Timberline Properties Home Watch

Timberline Properties Home Watch is FIRST IN SERVICE for Fairplay, Alma, Placer Valley, Valley of the Sun, and surrounding areas.

Timberline Properties Home Watch provides Home Watch, Keyholder, Concierge and Snow Removal services to the Alma to Fairplay area of Colorado. We are a locally-owned company started by Phil and DeAnn Brogan.

About Phil and DeAnn

Phil Brogan has been a a business owner and homeowner for 31 years. Being the owner of a property maintenance company, Phil has learned to be very observant of client’s properties. Phil and DeAnn’s Midwestern work ethic has given them strong values.

Phil has a background in landscaping, snow removal, plumbing, electrical and total home construction. He understands the systems that make a house function properly and can identify when they are not. DeAnn has 27 years of experience as a business owner and excels at customer service.

We are Bonded, Insured and Members of the International Home Watch Alliance, the National Federation of Independent Business and the South Park Chamber of Commerce.

Let A Home Watch Professional Look After Your Home!

Your primary residence or a second home getaway need attention when you are away. Timberline Properties Home Watch is your trusted partner. Take the time to find out more about our services.

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