I recently attended a business meeting, and I met a guy that we will call “Bob”. Bob said that he too had a home watch business. I asked Bob to tell me all about it. Bob said he watches about 30 properties. When the owners are gone, he rents them out (against HOA rules), with the owners golf carts, and gives the owners some of the money. He also watches about 10 cars for the absentee owners. Bob likes to drive them to the beach with his wife, or just drive them to work or errands instead of using his own car. Bob is very cheap, but he says he makes it up in the rental money he keeps. All cash, totally off the books. Untrained, Uninsured.
This is why you want to chose a trained, accredited, certified, insured home watch company. You don’t want Bob in your home, or your car. Call us today to see the professional difference.
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