I received a call today from an out of state home owner. The house was for sale, and they were represented by a “professional” realtor. The home owner stated that their realtor had called them and said the house was freezing inside and they should find someone to turn on the heat. I went over to the home, that the realtor had just been to. I found 3 out of the 4 exterior doors unlocked. Three windows open, and all of the other windows unlocked. One window had been open for an extended period of time, because the bedroom was full of leaves. Another window was right next to the main entrance, very obvious as you walk up to the house that it was open 3 inches. This house is at 11,000 ft and it has been in the low 20’s at night. As I continued my initial check of the house, I walked into the utility room and found had standing water on the floor. As I looked to turn the boiler on I found that it had been partially disassembled some time ago. I called the owner who thought it had been repaired, but no one ever followed up to confirm the job was done.

Realtors, or neighbors are not trained or Certified to watch your home. They are not insured or bonded if something goes wrong. They are not an advocate for an absent home owner and their best interests. Don’t trust one of your most valuable investments to just anyone. Hire a professional home watch company that is accredited, trained, insured, bonded, and experienced. We can find minor damage before it turns into a disaster. Please call us to look after your home while you are away. 719-839-1213