Home Watch vs House Sitter

Who is looking after your home?

We often talk to home owners that aren’t sure what the difference is between Home Watch and house sitter. House sitters will generally live in your house while you are away. Often, they will care for your pets. The downside is they will have wear and tear on your house and use your utilities. They are usually not a business and do not carry any insurance for any damages that may occur.

Home Watch is a professional service that schedules regular visits to your property while you are away and will send you a report on the status of your home. A home watch professional is bonded and insured. They are trained to locate, and report issues they observe at your home. Some of the common issues we may find are rodents, leaking pipes, furnace malfunctions, open windows and doors, and weather damage.(See our blog for more issues we have found.) We will report minor issues before they cause major damage.

If an issue is found, Timberline Properties Home Watch will document it with photos and immediately report it to the owner. We can work on your behalf with local contractors, if needed, to resolve the issue.

Home watch has been known by many names: house check, caretaker, property watch, property manager, or absentee home service. Regardless of the name, home watch provides a vital service on a regular schedule while the home owner is away.

Let A Home Watch Professional Look After Your Home!

Your primary residence or a second home getaway need attention when you are away. Timberline Properties Home Watch is your trusted partner. Take the time to find out more about our services.