24 Hour Monitoring

Timberline Properties Home Watch now offers 24-hour home monitoring. We can now remotely monitor your home 24 hours a day for temperature and humidity levels, as well as take pictures. No internet or landline required! Setup is quick and easy. Data is sent both to Timberline Properties Home Watch and the home owner by cellular phone service that is built into the monitor. Any time the temperature or humidity drops below or goes above your preset limit, an alert is immediately sent via email and text to notify you of problem. It also monitors your homes power, and as soon as power goes off, an alert is sent. The monitoring station has its own lithium batteries last for days, continuing to report until the problem is corrected.

This monitoring system is far superior to a freeze alarm. At any time, you can log in to your system, view a graph of your temperatures and humidity, and take an on-demand photo. You can check your homes temperature from anywhere. No Wi-Fi, no phone, no power, and it continues to monitor and alert you if there is any problem

This monitoring service can be added to your home watch package, or can be a stand-alone service. Timberline Properties Home Watch would have a key, and be immediately notified of any problem. We can respond long before there is any damage. The monitoring station can either be leased or purchased directly through us, and we will install and set it up for you.

To get more details, you can visit www.housesetters.com. Special pricing is available only by ordering through us. Contact us today.

Let A Home Watch Professional Look After Your Home!

Your primary residence or a second home getaway need attention when you are away. Timberline Properties Home Watch is your trusted partner. Take the time to find out more about our services.